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Kategorie: Rubber vulcanisation

Lean = Green? (Does your (rubber) product fulfil today`s requirements for sustainability?)

Since the early 90s the Toyota Production System (Lean) has been acquired by countless companies. Some have managed to maintain or even develop the philosophy beyond being a polish for their brand. Can the principles be adopted in the search for wasted energy? If we assume that the ratio for wastage / value is between …

The dynamics of rubber

Most people define rubber by its color and Shore hardness. These 2 balls have the same weight, color and shore hardness. Still they show entirely different dynamic performance, in this case rebound resilience. Any idea what is the real difference? Leave a comment! Do you know the dynamic properties of your rubber? Can you quickly …

Saving energy and time in steam rubber vulcanisation

Rubber vulcanisation is a high energy process. The consumption of fossil energy carriers is gaining relevance in the overall cost structure plus in environmental aspects. Among the currently available technologies steam curing is one of the oldest but still very efficient and dominating when it comes to mandrel – based hose production. Set – up· …

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