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How to avoid late and costly problem recovery in rubber production – part 1/3

Most of the properties of rubber or rubber-like products are depending on the integrity of the cross linking of the material. Failures can vary from costly to even fatal in the worst case. The rubber part rarely is the most expensive component, but in too many cases it is the main “insurance” of the whole …

Factory Relocations Check List

Factory relocations are unfortunately common in today`s manufacturing world. From my personal experience I dare to state that such projects never deliver results as scheduled and in some cases even fail entirely. Here are some essential hints to avoid the most frequent mistakes. Please also check out the links below (my personal and constantly updated …

How poor project management can lead to unexpected future losses

The world of mass production is tough and competitive. Capacities / head count have been reduced to the minimum. In addition, I am observing an increasing lack of qualification / technical expertise. One of my services is to improve existing production processes – or straight forward, cut cost. It is surprising, how daily routine is …

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